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Thread: Proteins Could Beef Up Your Computer's Memory

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    "Devices likely would be immune to magnetic interference"

    "Proteins play a big role in the functioning of your brain, but some recent research indicates that, in a few years, proteins could also play a big role in the functioning of your computer. Tetsuro Majima at Osaka University in Japan has now shown that proteins can be used to store computer data — and exceed the capacities of today's magnetic and optical media, which are pushing their performance boundaries. The resulting data should be stable enough for a commercial product, which he hopes to see emerge in the next five years, he told LiveScience. Protein-based memory devices should be immune to magnetic interference, which can wreck data on a hard drive."

    Source: Full Article @ MSNBC
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    It's freaky to think in the future processors could be replaced by a brain. haha *hold on i need to feed my computer & talk to's getting grouchy*...*kicks tower*

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    Only five years? thats cool

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    thats so cool

    **YES, I am a girl!**

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    Thats sick I can't wait to have a living computer I'm going to name it Bob.


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