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Thread: NZB program for Mac

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    Well I'm on a PC but I am trying to help a friend with a Mac get into the ng thing but what programs for mac are out there? Any and all help here would be appreciated guys. thanks

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    I heard Unison is the client of choice. It costs but there's a cracked version floating around on various newsgroups.

    Info about unison

    More mac clients & programs related to Usenet

    Also there's a free client called OSXNews. Here's the URL

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    Unison ftw. Don't even bother with anything else. No need to crack, just grab the serial from one of the mac* groups but he can use it for 30 days no problem without it.

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    yes Unison (connect through SSL) and dont forget to D/L MacPar Deluxe for dealing with .par repair you will need that once you get going but after MacPar check/repair files then you can use UnRarX (its faster unarchiving of dvd size file sets)

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    gotta say that unison is worth the money. Used it for the 30 days and happily support it.

    MacPar is a must, and split & concant comes in handy now and then as well.

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    Unison is great, but unfortuantely is doesn't allowing scheduling i.e. automatically starting downalods at a certain time due to my ISP bandwidth limits at peak times.

    Anyone know of a client that does support scheduling?



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