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Thread: Need help with TCP/IP questions - please Help!

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    Question 1 of 4
    You have an IP address of and you are trying to communicate with a device with an IP address of In Scenario #1 your subnet mask is, and in Scenario #2 your subnet mask is In which scenario(s) are you and the destination device on the same network?

    A. Scenario #1 only

    B. Scenario #2 only

    C. Both Scenario #1 and #2

    D. Neither Scenario #1 nor #2

    Question 2 of 4
    You have a device with IP address and subnet mask The host ID is


    B. 168.1.27

    C. 1.27

    D. 27

    Question 3 of 4
    You have a device with IP address and subnet mask The broadcast address of your network is _____________ .

    Question 4 of 4
    Your device has an IP address of and a subnet mask of Which of the following IP addresses would be a valid default gateway IP address?





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    4/4: C
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    q1 - scenario 2
    q2 - d
    q3 -
    q4 - not sure, i would of thought it was but that wasn't an option

    You doing a cisco test or something?


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