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Thread: Looking for a snowtigers invite or account . Have a good offer !

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    Hi guys ,
    I'm looking for a snowtigers invite .

    I have to offer one of the the follow :
    1.ethor invite invite
    3.bit-hdtv invite
    4.linkjomania invite invite ( when the site will be open) invite invite

    Let me know !

    I'm adding also :
    8.karngarga invite
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    near you
    Snow doesn't have invite system

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    But you can get an account if you stick around the site...
    like 24/7 and try many times you might get lucky sometimes they open registration..

    "Afin de garantir le bon fonctionnement du site, les inscriptions sont limitées et ouvertes de temps à autre."

    "To make sure of the good work/use of the site, the registrations are limited and opened
    time to time"

    And trading ain't a good way to get in...
    1.ethor invite and i think Thor's Land allows only staff and so on to give invite so...
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