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Thread: any idea when mma-tracker open?

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    it has reduced the max member to 5,000
    and that is the number around level9 tracker!!
    i'm thinking that if it close forever what level will it should be
    since it is the best tracker for mma
    and don't have any sign that will open soon
    this should make mma-tracker level up to 5 or even 6 like AOM (but not now)
    i wonder if the admin there really want to close the site forever until the members down to 5000??? (will take many years,sure)
    what do u think?

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    its a really good tracker for us MMA lovers. please dont move it up levels, we dont need collecting douchebags hanging around there talking about how amazing liddell and ortiz are.

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    anderson silva ftw
    pictures of you!! pictures of me!!


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