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Thread: Psx Games With Boot Edits?

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    Just seen a torrent for 'Parasite Eve2' for the says the file has 'boot edit'?!?!Does it mean that it will work when u r swapping the 2 discs (as its a 2disc game)...or is it like a Self Boot disc?? (no chips/boot disc needed)..Puzzler this one
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    I wasn't sure what it ment by "+Bootedit" either, but it's actually a Beta (2) version of a program that's included in the download. It allow's you to change the boot info you see when your game's are booting up (the "Licensed to..." text etc) by patching the .bin file included with the game :-) It's actually a cool little program I found :-)

    By the way, you don't need to use the program in order for PE2 to work, just write it using Alcohol 120% and it'll load fine (if you've got a mod-chip) without needing discswap :-)



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