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Thread: Suprnova

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    hello, could some1 tell me how i can upload to suprnova yes i know it kinda explains on suprnova but i dont understand, could some1 please tell me in laymans terms, firstly i wanna put grand prix 4 iso image on there please some1 ?? ill put loads stuff on from then on ??? any1

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    Uploading files to suprnova is rather easy, here is how you do it:

    First, you need to downloads a program to make the .torrent file. MakeTorrent is the best, and is available here.

    Now that you have the program, open it. and stay in the "create torrent" tab. Now browse to the directory where the file you want to share is placed, click on the file.

    Under the tracker tab choose SuprNova (tracker2) or (tracker3), do NOT choose SuprNova (tracker1).

    Leave the comment field blank.

    Press the "create torrent" button, choose where you want to save the .torrent file.

    Now go to SuprNova upload site, here (or just go to and click on uploads if that link doesn't work)

    Under the "submit torrent as" field, choose anonymous if u'r in a hurry, or create an account if u'r gonna be uploading a lot (that part is pretty straightforward)

    Under "Torrent information" brose to the .torrent file you recently created, and fill in the fields below (name, category etc...)

    Then click on submit torrent.

    You are not done yet tho, now you need to open the .torrent file you just uploaded (from your HDD) as if you were gonna download it, then browse to the location of the real file U'r sharing.

    Bittorent will check the file, and say that the download has succeeded. LEAVE THE BITTORENT WINDOW OPEN, for at least a day, otherwise noone will have time to download U'r file, and the torrent will be useless.

    You can use this program to see how many ppl are dow off you and how many have completed the download. Very usefully cause you can be sure that at least 3 or 4 ppl download the whole file before you close the upload window.

    Hope this helps B)


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