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Thread: newzleech down

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    havent been able to connect for the last 2 days. any info?

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    yeh same here. shame shame shame :-(

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    I hope they'll get back online soon.

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    Down on my end too...
    Anyone know the reason for newzleech downtime?

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    I was wondering why this was happening. I hope they're back up soon as it's probably my most visited site and the easiest way for me to keep track of new releases.
    <3 sorting by groups. Binsearch and a few others are good, but not as good as newzleech.

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    I hope they are at worst just having hardware issues

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    here's another assumption: DOS attack from the anti piracy authorities :-)

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    What are you all talking about? It works fine for me...

    The FST group

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skizo View Post
    What are you all talking about? It works fine for me...
    looks like they just came back up but the site's not working properly. the posts section gives php errors. forum gives db errors.

    hope things will be fixed soon.

    damn ive been missing their posts section hard out

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    OK I ran a few searches seems to be working now

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