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Thread: why share, when you can use people?

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    shmicko's Avatar got cookie? BT Rep: +4
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    How many good members are out there? So far in 2 days someone has been scammed of there accounts and someone has offered me an invite for money.
    Should I just be the same? give out a "yeah your awesome cools man!" "yeah please i need more than anyone cos' i gotta use for homeworks, cos' dad in jail and polar bears killed my family." Whenever a request pops up.

    Now I'm just being stupid.

    I'm not going to mention any names, I don't want him to feel like a cheap cunt. He probably wouldn't even care.
    The Convo@gmail chat:

    him: hi, you want bitmetv?
    me: hey man, should of added me on msn [grin]
    him: lol
    me: i didnt even know gmail had chat capability
    him: [tongue] lol, now you know [tongue]
    me: yeah i've been after an invite for awhile man, but they pretty strict so its understandable. Just being patient i guess. What were you after exactly?
    him: only need TT
    me: lol, you say it so easily
    him: es [tongue]
    I don't need anything else lol
    Sent at 5:33 AM on Tuesday
    me: yeah, like i said man im just a peasant dont have anything above lvl 3
    actually i lost my pisexy acc. cos i didnt download or upload
    so im in the lvl2 pool
    how gay
    him: [tongue]
    me: how long have you been trading acc?
    him: not long though
    me: have you got accounts to the main ones everyones after?
    him: like?
    me: u know the lvl 9's
    fsc ftn?
    him: nope
    me: ah ok
    been looking for bitmetv everywhere man, and like heaps of invites out there
    are they hard to get?
    do you need to u/l a certain amount?
    him: yes
    4 weeks member
    upload 65GB
    and have ratio of 1.05
    then you get 3 invites
    me: 65gb is a fair bit
    especially on a dedicated tracker
    him: hmhm
    me: :|
    him: it is
    and hard to get
    have you had bitmetv before? [smile]
    me: nope never, just talked about it with friends like little nerds
    i use td and tb for everything mostly
    but you still cant get HD or 720p rips of shows
    him: -_-
    they suck [tongue]
    me: there aint even any tv packs
    him: hehe
    if you really want it I will sell you one
    because the risk for me is too high (wtf is he on about here?)
    me: theres nothing else man, invites are closed everywhere
    i dont know bout that man..
    how much were you expecting?
    him: just tell me
    what you offer for it
    me: how is the risk too high though? you already posted it up publicly.
    Sent at 5:42 AM on Tuesday
    me: no offence man but I dont really feel comfortable exchanging money with a member i havnt known for more than 5mins
    him: no
    I understand
    but it's no problem
    I will send you the invite
    money is no joke, also no for me
    and I will give you proof if needed [smile]
    me: you could possibly find an invite for tt that would wanna swap for you bitmetv man
    i'll feel bad if i take the invite
    and the opportunity wont come again
    Sent at 5:46 AM on Tuesday
    him: how do you mean?
    me: do you only have the one invite left fot bitmetv for this month?
    him: no
    I got 3 [smile]
    never used one
    you would be my first invitee
    ^^ (even though you have 3, your still being a rat?)
    me: [smile]
    Sent at 5:49 AM on Tuesday
    me: well, i really don't know what to say man, if you were to invite me. I can only offer a sincere thank you and i will boast and tell every one how much of a champ you are. The usual?
    i dont know what else i can offer you man
    him: $ [tongue]
    me: lol
    how much?
    him: well that doesn't bother me really
    just say an amount in €
    and I will say yes or no
    me: lol
    to be honest man, i really want a bitmetv account. But i don't feel right paying for an invite. Is this how everyone gets on bitmetv?
    him: nope
    you got to offer something decent then
    which you don't have
    me: i gave away rapidshare account cos i got capped
    and i didnt want anything for it
    him: m8 sorry
    Sent at 5:55 AM on Tuesday
    me: np man, thanks for spending the time to chat with me
    him: yw! [smile]
    me: now i know what it takes to get above lvl 4
    catcha later
    him: cya!!

    edit: Should I just be a dirty cunt and give in e-mail and post printscreens? It's 6:33AM, I should just sleep..
    "The sale of ANY invites will result in an immediate disabling of your account and/or any other accounts in your invite tree. Inculding the user that invited you possibly."
    Last edited by shmicko; 02-25-2008 at 07:34 PM. Reason: added BitMetv disclaimer

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    as far as i know it is not allowed to sell invites on FST either.. so if you got in contact with him here, i would advice you to report him to the mods for this.. create screens of your convo to attach as proof.. invite sellers are the worst scum of them all!

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    Feb 2004
    Make a report, don't sit there and do nothing, that is worse than pretending it didn't happen.

    I'm all for naming & shaming, but they don't like that here
    Yes Sir, I'm Right On It!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SgtMajor View Post
    Make a report, don't sit there and do nothing, that is worse than pretending it didn't happen.

    I'm all for naming & shaming, but they don't like that here
    I'm all for that as well, but it has to be AFTER staff had verified the accusations and not before. Otherwise you'll be getting countless accusation threads from jerks trying to slander people.

    To OP: if you know the name of the member on FST and can prove he's the one you've been chatting with then you should file a report.

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    Totti's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +21BT Rep +21BT Rep +21BT Rep +21BT Rep +21
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    hmm i think that guy just tryed to offer me a bitmetv invite also....

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    You should write rvt a pm with his username, hopefully he can track him down on BMTV so he wont be able to do this again.

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    Make a report as Sgt says with conclusive evidence.. sellers should receive a punishment suited for their actions (read global ban).
    This is just like that drug trip I saw in that movie while I was on that drug trip.

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    this is why traders suck balls :\

    It truly is sickening.

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    Feb 2008
    There is a lot of scammers out there but this is the reason I joined FST,
    first I would't have to trade around here I could just giveaway and get...
    without trading, I've a lot of acc. with no use and as soon i'll get acces to the giveaways i'll give them over... =]

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    Jan 2008
    Send BiteMeTV staff his email, I bet he was too stupid to use another email with no connections to any trackers and the current one he is using is for all his trackers
    o hai

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