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Thread: Kommute 0.11 released

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    The new P2P Generation!
    A client for MUTE, the anonymous p2p network has been released.
    Kommute has been greatly relooked, and has now a more friendly interface.
    * many look changes :
    * use of stackedpages to have a more modern look.
    * added shared files tab
    * changes in progress bar
    * added downloads/uploads iconlabel
    * added a log viewer
    * ......
    * fix sort by size in search results.
    * correct bug in Handler for fileChunk, causing probably some crashes
    or freezes.
    * same bug in Handler for FileInfo.
    * added an option to see downloads ad search results on same page
    * fix bug allowing to start same file many times.



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    Let's see what's all this is about... hmmm

    Looks new and crappy but thanks tho.
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    No need for download links, just point to the sites next time...

    Kommute is a KDE file sharing client

    Looks like this was originally built for KDE, but the project page says this:

    Kommute is a file sharing client using the anonymous network MUTE. Developped using C++ and Qt. For windows and linux, portable to other environments.

    Kommute Project Page
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