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Thread: Requesting

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    hi! first of all, thanks for reading

    i'm in desperate need of; if anyone could send me an invite it would make my day

    well, make my year actually

    i have a hidef tv, and really want to put it through its paces

    also, being in britain, i just can't get enough of american tv - especially in hidef

    so if anyone could help me out, i'd be most appreciative

    thanks for your time

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    try out, i gotta an invite there, i think they are open signups though

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    spamming ur mom and sis.
    I would man if there were user slots available. Noone can invite you bc the user count is at the max at the moment =(

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    wow thanks for all the replies

    Rumblin, yeah i used to be a member of but the reason i want is i think they have more uncompressed hidef tv shows, instead of mkv

    and i just love full hd LOL

    fatcat69, wow thanks for the offer even though it's not possible atm LOL

    perhaps if slots become available in the future you could possibly send one my way?

    would be awesome if you could

    and erankatz, thanks - i just messaged there on your thread? ok cool

    thanks a lot guys (and possibly gals hehe) may peace be with you

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    The site is full my friend

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    LOL if someone could perhaps invite me when there's space

    man i need to get in there LOL

    just thinking about all those 720p mpeg2s and 1080i h264s makes me drool

    thanks for your help all!

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    Its not full, just have to wait periodically for inactive/unseeded accounts to get deleted, probably everyday it opens, just have to cheeck at right time.

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    LOL well maybe some kind soul could do that for me

    am i feeling lucky punk

    ctrlhd are the main reason i want hdbits LOL, they seem a well-organised group that offer so much to people like me for free

    and american idol in hidef? score!!


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