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Thread: Emule

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    Was using Emule and my system cursor and screen locked up, I have had emule on my system before and never had this problem. Uninstalled that version and Installed Emule Plus Instead thought it was working okay last night..but this morning doing the same thing as the other version was. Locking up my screen, cursor. Thanks in Advance for any help.

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    Wrong forum. But Emule is fucked up when I start it up it and about 5 minute later it closes my internet connection program (not the internet connection itself) and if I open too much stuff it bring up a blue screen with warning then system is unstable and so forth so its the program I don't know how to fix it.

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    get Windows XP

    works for me, but it's so fuckin slow!!

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    Already Have Windows XP Home, but thanks anyways.

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    Anyone having problems with emule should go to: (the emule forums) however, don't expect much from the ppl there, there seem to be like 3-4 "pros" who are too tired to answer your lame n00b questions

    And anyone also experiencing the problem cage72 had should try disabling the UDP ports in emule "preferences" >> "connections". Read this at the emule forums btw


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