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Thread: Plz spare me a NEWZBIN invite?

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    my ngindex subscription is expiring soon but i dont wanna renew it cos the site seems to be dying.

    newzleech was my savior but it has been down for the past 2 days and its not updating content anymore.

    binsearch is ok but its not advanced enough and not user friendly.

    NEWZBIN seems to be the best nzb index site out there at the moment but im unable to sign up with them cos i dont know anyone who's a member to get my self invited.

    so could someone pleeeeeease spare this desperate soul an invite to newzbin?

    thanks in advance...


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    roshan007's Avatar Member
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    Sep 2007
    For Mee Too It Would Be A Great Help


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    pleeeeeeeeeeeeese somebody send us invites to newzbin thanks


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