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Thread: BitMeTV and TVTorrents: Comparison?

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    I was just wondering if someone could kindly point out the differences between BitMeTv and TvT for me. I've been a member at TvT for about 2 years now and I love it there. The majority of the TV shows I watch are there. The torrents are seeded well enough for me. I have no problem with the download speeds. I'm also able to upload a substantial amount over any given time. However, every time I go to the Bit Torrent Invites section, there are many people requesting BitMeTV. What is it about BitMeTV that makes it so great? Does it have more TV shows? If so, I'll work at trying to get an invite somehow. Even though I love TvT, I've recently been trying to download some shows that aren't found on it (such as Temptation Island, among other reality shows). Does BitMeTV have them? Or, is it just a difference in seeding? If this is the case, I'll stick with TvT. Again, if somebody could clear this up for me I'd appreciate it.


    Wow. Apparently I'm a moron, tired, or both. Getting late here and decided to do a search. Turns out I've committed one of my pet peeves: creating a thread similar to pre-existing one(s). My bad.

    Still, one question remains: how is BitMeTV for reality TV content?
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    Meh, its a fair question.

    I think bitmetv rocks for proper quality dvdrips of old shows (AT HIGH SPEEDS). The depth of content is noticeable as well. Just lots of shows you don't want, and have likely never heard of.

    Bitmetv is superior in every respect, except the ability to seed. To me, I would never waste bitmetv buffer downloading lost, prison break or any shows like that. Those can be had at any number of trackers.

    For rare stuff, or when speed is a premium... its simply the best.

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    There's a thread about this already:

    This subject has been covered many times before. Please use the search button.
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    See ya in another life, brother.

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    I havent been a member of bmtv myself so i dont know if it is that good...BUT,only by the fact that is harder to get into it,it gains a LOT of value,lol.

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    both are good sites.

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    NObody here uses the search function. Same threads again and again...

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    groundhog day... i have to agree. Just put "tvtorrents" and "bitmetv" in the search function :-|

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    BitmeTV is better imo

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    Besides, bitmetv is harder to get, so is more secure

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    Yeah! BitMeTV is hard to get, else no body had use TVTorrent(No Offence). Though, I'd go with the 1st as mentioned. BitMeTV got more quality. They've higher fame than others, that's why.

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