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Thread: Stage6 closing down

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    A sad day for video sharing enthusiasts all over the www. Stage6, the pioneer in divx video sharing is closing down on 28th of feb, 2008.
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    It's sad to see. I'm sure if they started asking for donations, people would have contributed to keep the site going.
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    The Hacker did this much to Stage6? Wha.
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    Its sad though really, I think this was the only high-quality video streaming service on the web(not low-res flash crap).

    Quality is quit comparable, so using stage6 could be better than bt as you can watch as you DL as long as speed is equal to bitrate, therefore don't need to wait for it to finish.
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    darn, that was a good site, amazing video quality that put youtube to shame

    and they were only getting started!

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    Sorry to bring up this old thread, but just wanted see if anyone has any opinions on VReel, which apparently is supposed to be taking over from where stage6 left off, or the ThPirateCity


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