First post in this forum so I thought i'd start with saying hi to all

I've been using various file sharing softwares for years now (terrible I know, but 21st century right?), and i've always thought itd be great (plus faster in terms of down speed) to have an online sharing system, without the bug/virus riddled 3rd party apps you can get your hands on.

Appart from the usual copyright laws etc this idea would be great, and thought I was alone after searching for what seemed like decades through warez sites etc. Then yesterday I discovered Blutanium. Technically its not built solely for file sharing but more of a hybrid of some popular sites out there at the moment like facebook, iStock, megaupload etc. Theyve built this pretty impressive script that uses ajax to let you manage files in real time, drag and drop, create folders, and more importantly, SHARE!

The important bit (sharing) works through groups, signup, add your friends and create a group. Youll be given your own file space which is viewable to all members, and effectively functions like online p2p.

As well as that you get a whole other host of features, like .vcf contact backup (mobile phone format) so for all of those, like me, who've lost their phone and cursed the day because you now have to completely rebuild your addressbook can rest at ease.

Check it out, i've already created 4 groups, one for lost, prison break and the other 2 are for uni mates.

Sorry for the huge post, but its not an easy thing to explain, if your interested take a look for yourself.