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Thread: Wondering About Fake Files?

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    just being reading an article about RIAA and the likes, a company called MEDIA DEFENDER are actually flooding kazaa with fake files either blank or with copywrite messages. here is an extract of the article...

    Aside from the threats of lawsuits from the music industry, groups such as MediaDefender have begun flooding Kazaa and Gnutella with "spoofed" files, which claim to be songs but turn out to be blank or filled with anti-piracy messages.
    also it looks as tho they are winning against kazaa n morpheus because the majority of users are only downloading and are not sharing!!!!

    Users of Kazaa and Gnutella also are stymied by others in the network who choose not to share the files in their collection. A study done by the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center in August 2000 concluded that 70 percent of Gnutella users engaged only in downloading, providing no files of their own for their peers on the network.
    but heres some food for thought....

    They are the country clubs of the file-sharing world, exclusive Internet networks that require knowing the right people and having a wealth of content on your hard disk to get into the clique.
    These private file-swapping networks have surfaced just as the music industry has been granted dozens of subpoenas seeking the names of those who trade copyrighted material on popular services such as Kazaa, Imesh, and Gnutella.
    The private networks are open to smaller groups of perhaps 20 to 30 people who liberally share music, television shows, movies and computer programs. Members of such networks believe they can avoid legal consequences because their identities and actions are masked with the same technology used to protect online credit card transactions.
    "You've got the right set of early adopters, people that are involved in the community who are evangelizing it," said Travis Kalanick, whose MP3 search engine Scour was sued and shut down by the music industry. "It's going to be there if and when there is a mass exodus from networks like Kazaa and Gnutella."
    but how safe are they i hear u ask.......

    Kalanick and others say the private networks are the future of online music swapping. Not if the music industry can help it, said Jonathan Lamy, a spokesman for the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). While he would not reveal specifics of which services would be targeted, Lamy offered a warning for private network users. "If users think that any particular service guarantees their anonymity, they're wrong," he said. "There are ways to determine a user's identity." But Jim Lowrey, an expert in network encryption, said it would be difficult for outsiders to break through the encryption to see who is using the private sharing services. "You'll know they're talking, but you won't know what they're saying. It's quite impossible to crack the algorithms," said Lowrey, whose company, Endeavors Technology, is designing a file-sharing system for corporate clients.
    the battle continues......

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    and we will prevail...
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    Fake Files are always going to be there until someone starts posted verified hashes for every song and file on kazaa


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