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Thread: i-ram?

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    ive read the wikipedia on it and a couple other sites...does anybody have any experience with it? did the technology get shelved at some point? how come there is so much talk about ssd and not iram?

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    Clocker has one and swears by it he will leave what Im sure will be a well informed reply

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    I do have one in fact and am quite fond of it.
    There was talk- and even screenshots- of the second model of the iRAM which had 8 DIMMs and was a bay device instead of a PCI card.
    I don't believe it was ever released.

    It was always an oddball product, absurdly expensive and extremely size- constrained at a time when storage was getting cheaper and larger.
    My personal theory is that Vista killed it- it's relatively simple to squeeze XP onto a four GB drive but Vista is way too big.

    In addition, the widespread availability of cheap SATAII drives means that the iRAM no longer has the marked performance advantage it enjoyed over SATAI drives.
    My two Seagates in RAID0 are faster than the iRAM in everything but seek time and are almost as quiet.

    That said, I still really like it (am writing from it now, in fact) and if you can find one cheap, would recommend you try it and see for yourself what blindingly fast and quiet drives can be like.
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