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Thread: new macbook and macbook pro

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    Apple released new MacBooks and MacBook Pros today which incorporate the new 45nm Penryn processors, an upgrade from the older 65nm Merom processors. The jump from Merom to Penryn is not a dramatic one as previous benchmarks demonstrate.

    Penryn Advantages

    Overall, the high end Penryn's may have marginal improvements in performance due to higher L2 cache (6MB vs 4MB), though the low-end Penryns (2.1GHz and 2.4GHz) actually have less L2 cache (3MB vs 4MB) than their Merom counterparts. Whether this results in any real world difference is unclear. Early benchmarks of the new Penryn 2.4GHz MacBook Pro reveals a comparable GeekBench score (3086) to the older Merom 2.4GHz MacBook Pro (3094) despite this L2 cache difference.

    One new feature all Penryn processors share is the SSE4 instruction set. Similar to the PowerPC's Altivec instruction set, SSE4 can provide dramatic speed increases (40% faster) for applications specifically written for it.

    Battery Life

    There's been some discussion about the fact that Apple's battery ratings for the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros are significantly less than previously published ratings. The new ratings are listed below with old ratings in parenthesis:

    MacBook: 4.5hrs (6hrs)
    15" MacBook Pro: 5hrs (5hrs)
    17" MacBook Pro 4.5hrs (5.75hrs)

    Apple PR clarified to Arstechnica today, however, that this is simply due to a difference in reporting the numbers, and the new Penryn-based MacBooks and MacBook Pros' battery life has actually improved -- which would be expected with the more power efficient processors:
    Anuj went on to explain that Apple has always done three separate battery tests when coming up with this metric—a DVD playback test, a wireless productivity test, and a "highway test," which got the best battery life and Apple used to advertise. However, the highway test is "hard to reproduce, and people got confused" he said, which is why Apple ditched it and started going with wireless productivity instead. "The wireless productivity test is the closest to normal usage, right in the middle of the road with WiFi, text editing, sending e-mail, etc." Anuj said.

    Other Notes

    - The new MacBook Pros have a Multitouch trackpad, but the MacBook does not.
    - The Apple Remote control is no longer included, and must be purchased separately ($19).
    - Teardown photos of the new MacBook Pro.
    - BestBuy's inventory system incorrectly reported the MacBook part numbers as MacBook Pros, leading to some confusion about the planned updates. For future reference, BestBuy may be fed part numbers ahead of time, but has no actual knowledge of specs or price points, and clearly used placeholder information in this instance.
    - Unboxing of new MacBook Pro

    Why Now?

    The biggest question is why Apple bothered speed bumping the MacBooks which were not yet due for revision. According to our sources, Apple was forced by Intel into upgrading the MacBooks at this time. Intel is aggressively phasing out the older generation 65nm Merom chips over the coming months. As a result, Apple needed to upgrade the MacBooks in the interim to maintain a proper supply. One could speculate that, consequently, the next MacBook refreshes may occur mid-year, ahead of their expected product cycle.
    source: macrumors

    Apple on Tuesday introduced new models of its consumer-level MacBook and high-end MacBook Pro laptops, adding the newly unveiled Penryn chips to its portable line and boosting processor speeds. In addition, the MacBook Pro adopts the MultiTouch trackpad first introduced in Apple’s MacBook Air laptop.

    The MacBook Pro comes in three configurations: a 15-inch model with a 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo chip; a 15-inch 2.5GHz offering, and a 17-inch 2.5GHz system. A 2.6GHz Core 2 Duo chip is available as a $250 build-to-order option for the MacBook Pro.

    The MacBook also comes in three configurations. The white MacBook features either a 2.1GHz or 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo processor. The black model features a 2.4GHz chip.

    The Core 2 Duo processors are part of Intel’s new mobile Penryn line introduced by the chipmaker last month. Penryn mobile processors use a 45-nanometer microprocessor architecture, which is more energy-efficient than the previous 65nm architecture. The instruction set—Streaming Single Instruction, Multiple Data Extensions 4—can improve the speed of some tasks in applications rewritten to include SSE-4 support.

    Some Penryn chips also boost the shared L2 cache size to 6MB. Indeed, the two 2.5GHz MacBook Pros sport 6MB of L2 cache, up from 4MB in the previous models. However, the 15-inch 2.4GHz MacBook Pro features only 3MB of L2 cache, a drop-off from its predecessor.

    All three MacBook offerings come with 3MB of L2 cache. The previous models offered 4MB.

    MacBook Pro update
    In addition to the processor changes, the new MacBook Pro models come with 2GB of installed memory and an 8X SuperDrive. All models come with an Nvidia GeForce 8600M GT graphics processor; the entry-level 2.4GHz model features 256MB of video memory, while the other two configurations offer 512MB.

    The 2.4GHz system comes with a 200GB hard drive, up from 120GB in the previous entry-level offering. The two 2.5GHz MacBook Pros offer 250GB of storage, with a 300GB hard drive available as a $75 build-to-order option for the 17-inch laptop.

    David Moody, Apple vice president of worldwide product marketing said the larger capacity hard drives in the new models were made with creative pros in mind. “We have a lot of people that are studio pros and want to take their projects with them,” he added.

    The 17-inch MacBook Pro joins the MacBook Air in using arsenic-free glass and it also has an optional mercury-free LED backlit display. This, says Moody, helps Apple in its commitment to reduce trace amounts of mercury in its products. The 15-inch MacBook Pros added LED-backlit displays in last summer’s laptop update.

    This update to the MacBook Pro line also adds the MultiTouch trackpad, similar to the one featured on the MacBook Air. The trackpad recognizes pinch, rotate and swipe gestures, allowing users to zoom and rotate photos from their trackpad.

    There is one significant difference between the MultiTouch capabilities on the MacBook Air and the new MacBook Pro models. While the Air features a larger trackpad, the revamped MacBook Pro line-up retains the existing trackpad size.

    Apple says the latest MacBook Pro is up to 74 percent faster than the original 17-inch 2.16GHz MacBook Pro Core Duo introduced in early 2006. Macworld Lab plans to test each new MacBook Pro to see how it compares to previous generations.

    The MacBook Pro models are now shipping at the following prices:

    $1,999 for the 15-inch 2.4GHz MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo with 200GB hard drive;
    $2,499 for the 15-inch 2.5GHz MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo with 250GB hard drive; and
    $2,799 for the 17-inch 2.5GHz MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo with 250GB hard drive.
    MacBook update
    Tuesday’s laptop update also changes up the MacBook line for the first time since a November processor upgrade. In addition to the processor changes, this latest MacBook update also boosts hard-drive capacity in the consumer-oriented laptop. Previous models of the MacBook came with 80GB, 120GB and 160GB of storage. The new white 2.1GHz and 2.4GHz models come with 120GB or 160GB hard drives, while the black 2.4GHz model has a 250GB hard drive.

    Apple also boosted the amount of RAM that ships on some MacBooks. The 2.4GHz MacBooks come with 2GB of memory, up from 1GB in the previous generation. The 2.1GHz offering still ships with 1GB of RAM.

    When compared to the original MacBook Core Duo that shipped in May 2006, the new models come out 50 percent faster, according to Apple.

    The latest MacBooks are now shipping at the following prices:

    $1,099 for the 2.1GHz white MacBook with 1GB of RAM, a CD-RW/DVD-ROM Combo drive, and 120GB hard drive;
    $1,299 for the 2.4GHz white MacBook with 2GB of RAM, a SuperDrive, and 160GB hard drive; and
    $1,499 for the 2.4GHz black MacBook with 2GB of RAM, a SuperDrive, and 250GB hard drive.
    The big picture
    Tuesday’s moves mark the third update to the MacBook line and the second change to the MacBook Pro offerings in the past 12 months. The pace of change may be a a reflection of the importance of laptop to Apple’s bottom line. Apple laptops have outsold its desktop offerings for seven consecutive quarters, which in turn is helping drive record Mac sales.

    “Our Mac business is better than ever,” Moody said. “We just finished a quarter where we shipped over 2.3 million Macs — we are really happy with the momentum we have.”
    source: macworld
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    I was hoping for a new design on the MacBook Pro...

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    Yea, not so much of an update... yea, new processor and all, but having the option for more ram and a bigger HD is not really a model update.
    This is just like that drug trip I saw in that movie while I was on that drug trip.

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    The option to have more ram and hard drive space really isn't considered a "update." I just ordered one yesterday.
    Leaving FST for awhile. Will be active on 1 or 2 private trackers and will still use a seedbox. Thanks to all the members who helped me along the way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by day0day View Post
    I am now thinking of getting a macbook, and recently apple is offering a sale on the refurbished macbooks start from $849. Looks nice but are the refurbished ones reliable?
    absolutely. there's nothing wrong with them and they have a big demand. you are lucky if you get one.

    i'd buy them directly at apple if you can.

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    I agree. Apple's refurbished items are very trustworthy. Go for it. I wouldn't even both with Applecare but that's just me.

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    Mac book and Mac book pro are perfect!!
    I suggest for everyone.


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