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  • 8800GT

    9 39.13%
  • 8800GTS

    10 43.48%
  • 9600GT

    4 17.39%
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Thread: 8800GT vs. 8800GTS vs. 9600GT

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    Which One Is Better, Cause Im Planning To Buy On Of These

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    The 8800GTS is the best of the 3, providing you get the newer G92 memory modules (512mb version), the 512mb 8800GT outperforms both the 320mb and the 640mb version of the GTS.
    The 9600GT is the worst of the 3.

    In order of performance:
    8800GTS 512mb
    8800GT 512mb
    8800GTS 640mb
    8800GTS 320mb
    9600GT 512mb
    8800GT 256mb

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    8800gts g92
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    8800gt 512 you can overclock the card yourself and save some moulah

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    8800 gts 512 and OC the F out of it... Mines at 975 core under water

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    8800GT, I think it's the best bang for the buck.

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    8800 Gts :>:>

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    kondrae's Avatar Trance BT Rep: +19BT Rep +19BT Rep +19BT Rep +19
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    9600gt. cheapest. If u OC ill be as fast as 8800gt

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    Quote Originally Posted by kondrae View Post
    9600gt. cheapest. If u OC ill be as fast as 8800gt
    Clock speed on the 9600GT is actually faster than the 8800GT. However, the 8800GT has more stream processors (112 vs 64) and higher texture fill rate (33.6 vs 20.8 billion/sec)

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    OC 8800GT and it's awesome. I have one and it's no lag. I can actually play crysis on very high no lag.
    The GTS is suppose to be better than 8800GT, but according to tom's hardware guide, 8800GT wipes the floors with 9600GT and 8800GTS. I think u should wait for the higher 9000 models to come out.

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