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Thread: How To Read Cbz File

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    i downloaded a comic but its a cbz file. how do i open it?

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    A .cbz file is the same as a .zip file. However, often when opening them with WinRAR or WinZip it will disorderr your pages.
    To display these archives properly it's often best to use CDisplay


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    are there any other programs that let you edit the cbz. or cbr. file?

    CDisplay is great, its what i use, but if i want to cut out a pic etc.
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    You open the file by changing the suffix cbz to a zip by renaming the file. Example if you had the file Red.cbz rename it Then you will be able to open it as a zip file by clicking on it.
    This also holds true for cbr files. For a cbr rename it a rar. Then use an rar expand software to open the file.
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    yep saysmiley said it all..just rename the files and open with an archive prog

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    open with winrar

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    you don't even have to rename the files, just change their default program either to winrar or winzip.

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    Yeah, when I need to edit a .cbr or .cbz, I just open them in winRAR.

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    no need to open/extract it... just use CDisplay or any other comic book reader

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    Use Comical - just Google it then download it. It's free, might I add. Not only that, it is functional too.

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