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Thread: Brave, new world?

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    Check this out:
    Sound interesting...25,000,000 songs online soon?
    A malis vituperari laus est.

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    Qtrax songs will be wrapped in DRM

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    They're still in negotiations to actually get content

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    It was supposed to have that many. The company went around saying that had all these deals with major record labels for music, then when it opened had none...

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    The Good

    • Songbird-Like Player: Qtrax users download the Qtrax Player, a program built upon the popular Songbird platform. The player functions as the search engine and player for the tunes but it also provides access to a website filled with artist content, including videos, ringtones, lyrics, album art, and up-to-the-minute artist news.
    • You Can Upload Your Music: Qtrax says that its users can upload their own music, including songs bought on iTunes or other services.
    • May Include "Grey" Music: Since the service will let users upload their own collections, it's possible that Qtrax will allow the tunes like live recordings or demos. Although details are fuzzy on this, if these rare gems were included, Qtrax would have another big selling point.
    • Artists are Compensated: Qtrax works with record labels and publishers, licensing their content for distribution online. when you download and play music, the support of advertisers allows Qtrax to compensate artists for their work, something that doesn't happen when you use illegal P2P networks.
    • Safe & Free: They is no cost to download the software, there are no hidden charges, no membership fees, and no per song costs. There's also no adware, spyware, or spoofing.
    The Bad

    • Songbird-Like Player: It may be cool, but it's also mandatory to use the player. Since the player is where the service displays the ads, you must use it, no getting around it.
    • DRM: Despite the recent wave of DRM-free music, Qtrax songs will be wrapped in DRM.
    • No Beatles here, either: Some music is still not cleared by labels for digital distribution, so even though this has industry support, you're not going to find those missing tunes here.
    • PC-Only (for now): And by PC, they mean Vista and XP only. The Mac version won't be out until March 18th.
    The Worst

    • QTrax songs can't be played on iPods. They say this may change at a later date, but until then, this will kill the service's potential in a big way.

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    Someone should mod the player so that we don't have to see the ads.
    o hai


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