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Thread: Seedbox set up Question

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    Can I setup up two utorrents running at the same time on Fedora 6
    I know that I can do this with two IP addresses but the seedbox I'm looking at only has one.
    It's a reseller of ovh.
    I don't want to be one the same utorrent as my friends so we don't see passkeys

    I'm helping two friends with sharing my seedbox at hosting-Ie and I have been down for more than a week.
    So I'm looking for something that I can get going quickly.
    Thanks for looking

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    The fast version is no, without a second IP address bound to the ethernet adaptor on the server there is no valid second IP to bind to utorrent. If you wish to have separate instances of utorrent running on different IP's then you must have them assigned by the server company and configured on the server.


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    Thanks I just emailed them to see If i can get one more Ip address.


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