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Thread: Copyright List Required

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    If the Riaa is going to sue us for downloading copyrighted material, don't they have an obligation to provide us with a list of what is copyrighted. It seems to me I remember that Napster won a decision similiar to this idea.

    Didn't The Riaa have to provide a list of their precious crap first before they were able to sue Napster?

    This only seems fair...don't you think?

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    yeah, they should have too provide something like that.

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    I don't think they have to, but if they don't and they sue you for some minor artist you could claim you didn't know it was copyrighted - tho they seem to be stick to mostly major artists.

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    They cant say that a major artist should be known more than a small time artist. They have to set a standard for all of their artists. And i believe the burden of proof would be on them to provide us with a list, seeing that they are trying to sue the sh*t out of us.
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    BluFilter may a provide a solution for artists and Filesharers
    Authorize software will allow artists to list thier material in a web based BluFilter database and set prices. Then P2P network facilitators such as Kazaa, Morpheus etc. can plug in the BluFilter ActiveX component into thier applications for free. Here is how it will work. When a user or file sharer completes the download of a song, the BluFilter component extracts a digital signature of that file and cross references it with the content database to check for copyright validity. If the file is copyrighted, the user can opt to purchase it for the preset price otherwise the file is deleted. While the majority of the transaction revenue goes directly to the artist or record company, a percentage will also go to the file-sharing network.

    i&#39;d prefer to have a choice to delete or unshare it myself instead of buy or delete. (i guess you can move the file before it deletes it. . .)

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    i doubt such a plug-in (if it was adopted), would have such an easy workaround as "just moving it", i&#39;m not saying there wouldn&#39;t be a workaround, just not one as easy as that.

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