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Thread: Hers Is The Name Of 1 Of Companies

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    MEDIA DEFENDER is one of the offending comapanies to flood kazaa with fake/spoof files, you will notice the said files will be either blank or they will carry a nati-piracy messages!!

    here is a quote from an article i read

    Users of Kazaa and Gnutella also are stymied by others in the network who choose not to share the files in their collection. A study done by the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center in August 2000 concluded that 70 percent of Gnutella users engaged only in downloading, providing no files of their own for their peers on the network.

    seems like their gestapo attempts at going after peeps is working, or is it???

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    Here's some of their ip ranges I know about:


    Unfortunately, there may be others...

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    thanx for the ranges.

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    @basic- here's a summary of the known anti p2p groups, like media defender and overpeer who spread fake files

    (and those media defender ip ranges are in the pg database)

    summary guide of the anti file sharing groups:


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