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Thread: I downloaded this album.

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    in a plane, high as fuck
    And it came with a cue file and a media file thats like 70mb.

    How do I split it up so I can put it on my ipod?


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    you need a CUE splitter, something like this may do the trick

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    I hear cuesplitter doesn't keepm offset. If you care, try cue tools.

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    I use Easy CD-DA Extractor, just open it up and drag and drop the cue file onto the top window and poof all the files appear in the bottom. Then just convert to get all the individual files (mp3 to mp3 if you have to).

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    Set and Mixes are usualy delivers in one mp3 file, you can use cue file + cue splitter to split it in peices. And in cue theres all id3 info and everything, so the files will be correctly names / tagged.

    But yea thers many programs that do it, any should do.


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