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Thread: If We Go Down Then All Other Dsl, Cable Company..

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    So if I were you I won't be worrying shit about RIAA, already SBC is trying to help us by sueing RIAA, if other companys are smart like SBC they will do the same because mainly the highest reason why any of us have high speed connection is either for gameing or the other which is downloading, so if we get sue and we have to pay a huge fine then guess what we can't afford any more high speed connection and then those DSL and cable company will also go broke so I bet they won't let RIAA do this to us.

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    The RIAA are already losing money because of us, the last blow will come from companies like SBC, once they successed in the sueing, no doubt RIAA will be broke as hell and start beging us to go out and by their products and let us keep our p2p sharing.

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    Without p2p, people will settle for dialup, 15 gig HDs, and CD-Rs in packs of 5 instead of 100.

    Who says we aren't helping the economy?

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    what do I put here? BT Rep: +10BT Rep +10
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    RIAA are just wasting their time


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