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Thread: Requesting Movies

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    Does anyone have both these 80`s classics to share they are:
    Death Weekend
    The Bogey Man

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    I higly doubt these movies will b on kazaa, old horror like that is very rare.. but there r a few members trying...

    Razor with his gr8 zombi posts

    Paul_NFFC - Always posts sum gr8 horror

    (`._.[Rob]._.) - this guy also posts sum gr8 horror

    nightsky - got a gr8 post here

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    i managed to get `CANIBAL FEROX` today that was very easy. It has been a long time since i saw that one. : )

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    I found The Bogey Man in emule. Gotta see it

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    i found torrrents not sure if it works search in torrentportal

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    Quote Originally Posted by histolo2 View Post
    i found torrrents not sure if it works search in torrentportal
    first post is 3 years old

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    with content like this, its best to go to your neighbourhood indie video place and rent the dvds there.
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