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Thread: 64 /32 vista come on the cp manfact. disk?

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    I have just bought a laptop that comes with the preinstalled vista premium. Does the toshiba vista/recovery/drivers disk have the option for the 64 bit version of vista on it like the store bought vista does? Also i remember a year ago that people where talking about that there were software issues with using xp/vista in 64 does that still hold true?
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    I would imagine that the restore disc will contain whichever version you currently have installed. Check with Toshiba to confirm this though.
    The Vista based laptops I've seen have all been 32-bit - probably to reduce support calls concerning driver issues.

    There are still some programs that haven't caught up with the 64-bit platforms. Currently the only two I miss are Peerguardian2 and Unlocker.
    Anything that installs drivers will need to be written specifically for Vista x64 but most other software will likely work fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chewie View Post
    There are still some programs that haven't caught up with the 64-bit platforms. Currently the only two I miss are Peerguardian2 and Unlocker
    dont know if you know about the workaround for PeerGuardian2 for x64?

    i am running the beta version (not sure of the rules on direct linking, but can provide a link via PM if required) on vista home premium x64, by disabling the driver signing (F8 on startup, select disable driver signing)) if you have to shut down or restart your PC, then stop peerguardian in disabled mode. also set it for manual updates, and disable whilst updating also

    occasionally i get the not responding message and i shut down PG2 using task manager. before restarting PG2 i delete the lists folder from the PG2 program files, then starrt PG2 (it should start disabled, if not disable it) and you can then update it, before enabling. this works fine for me.

    Edit - OH! and if you are using uTorrent, then PG2 must be fully loaded before starting uTorrent.

    if you already know this but are choosing to wait for a fully stable version (PG3) then just ignore this
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