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Thread: nzb index suggestions

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    Maybe I am just missing it but there doesn't seem to a way to see if a post in the nzb index has new replies.Can this be added? Just like to know if someone has replied in case they have a question or something.
    Also when submitting an nzb it takes you directly to the post.Is it not possible to preview before posting?
    Lastly after posting a nzb would like to be able to click a button to post another nzb without having to go to the index first.Is 2 unnecessary clicks,not to mention 2 loading of the board that could be avoided.

    Thanks for reading.

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    I always wondered about the preview thing too. Also in the News section, though to be honest I just assumed there was good reason and never brought it up.

    Also, I like the idea of being able to immediately post another NZB. How about adding another button called, "Submit and post another"?

    The FST group

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    Some day I could come up with a way to preview but it's really a lot more work than you think.
    I could add a replys counter to the nzb index if that feature is wanted. I didn't put it in because I didn't think it was useful to anyone.

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    The preview thing is not that big a deal,hell I'll just edit it if I screw up.
    But the other 2 would be real nice if you could add,imo.

    Thanks for reading.


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