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Thread: Request - Fileplanet Details

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    This will be the only time I will request this, mainly because I wish to see whether it would show up here.

    FilePlanet is notorious as being a heaven and a hell - A heaven in that any popular mod, add-on etc for games will find its way there. A hell in that its obvious that they're bullshitting free members by fixing their queue numbers (Example - One not-well-known mod I saw had 200 downloads to date, so seeing all four servers available, each having more than 200, full to the top is suspicious )

    Quite frankly, I have a way of deciding things - If an online service doesn't treat free members/visitors fairly, then there's no guarantee that the same won't be given for paying members. So there's no chance in hell that I'm buying a FilePlanet subscription. Only problem is that the Planetside 7-day tryout is exclusive to FilePlanet and it's something I've been meaning to try, so I can't really avoid FP. However, it's a 1GB+ d/l and I don't want to have to wait bloody ages for it.

    So, to put it simply - Has anyone here got login access of an FP subscriber (to access their "subscriber" servers? The server's aren't being used, so why leave them to waste?

    If you have any such login details, PM me about them - Don't post them here, because that would technically be violating the rules and the last thing I want to do is encourage that

    Mods - Feel free to delete this topic after 24 hours of this post (or immediately if it is a problem). You won't get any qualms from me (generally )

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    Sorry I do not have one. But god do I agree with you, god I hate that site. The worst is that game developers, use those servers to realease there patch. Why should we have to pay to get fixes for stuff that they f**ked up.

    Sorry if you opened this back up thinking that someone had one for ya, but I just wanted to say that.


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