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Thread: Low Bandwidth User

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    I'm so sick and tired of low bandwidth users, so i'm asking all users to download the asian horror flick Phone so i can also download it! . Ok, i just got PMS...(some private messages) so don't mess with me, LOL!

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    Originally posted by Sly_Cooper@2 August 2003 - 22:59
    so i&#39;m asking all users to download the asian horror flick Phone so i can also download it&#33;
    so your asking us to download it thru users with low bandwidth so that we can then give it to you on a high bandwidth?? dont talk out your ass it will take us as long to download it as it will you and we dont even want the damn thing

    fuck Derby County

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    Some people cant get high speed, unless of course you wanna run them a cable. So stop bitching and be patient.
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    No thanks

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    How nice reactions&#33;....Please download it&#33;

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    be fucking happy with what your getting its free damnit&#33; if you want the thing faster go buy it off ebay&#33;

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    Yeah, i know, but i just got desperate &#39;cause i could actually buy this movie for 14&#036; yesterday but i bought an other film instead&#33; Maybe i should buy this movie when i get some cash...dunno how to get some cash but i&#39;ll figure it out somehow.

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    im with paul NFFC on this un........

    why should we download it for you? we are all in the same boat. and if thers 1 source sharing it whats the point of all of us DSL users downloading it when your trying to get it aswell? we would be stopping you from getting it at ur optimum speed?

    HEY every1 im trying to get Barbershop....can you all download it too and slow me down lol.....ya get me?

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    Oh, well

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