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Thread: Requesting files via IRC

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    Hello everybody
    Here is a tricky question for you all...

    How does one request files via IRC?

    I saw Slycks introduction to Usenet (its what got me interested in Usenet to start with) and they mentioned that you can request missing files or even entire downloads (ie old movies etc) over IRC channels.

    Could someone maybe do a tutorial on it - particularly for Mac users but I'm not fussy. :-) I had a dabble with IRC and to be honest I found it really confusing and a little intimidating to newbies like myself.


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    Not much of a tutorial but a good place to start once you got a mac IRC client would be having a look at the help, rules and commands section of . They have IRC chans. where you can request most anything. "#altbin@efnet" once there just join the appropriate channel, IE. "#alt.binaries.movies.divx" or "#Alt.Binaries.Cd.Image.Playstation2.Dvdiso" ,etc. and request what you are after.

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    Get an IRC client - mIRC for instance.

    Connect to an IRC server (on preferably the Efnet network) - join one of the channels mentioned above, and follow the instructions they provide in order to queue up your file(s).

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    Hi there
    Thanks for the advice!


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    For ABGX (console games) check out

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    alt-bin don't do or but you often see request fills for these, so any idea where these are (or don't they have a web list of the IRC for these?)
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  7. Newsgroups   -   #7 and are for but you're better off joining them on IRC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gbandit View Post and are for but you're better off joining them on IRC.
    Well as one site just lists all the requests and the other is a forum where no one posts, probably right

    whattheheck, you'll need to join channel #alt.binaries.multimedia on one of the efnet IRC servers
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    Hi! Just getting over a nasty illness, so sorry I didn't reply sooner.

    Well, at the risk of sounding a little wussy... the IRC thing is just so STRANGE! I mean, I want to get involved in the community side of newsgroups, but I read all these stories about people putting viruses/hacking your computer on an IRC chat and stuff.
    I downloaded the Conversation ap for Macs and that seems to work nicely but all those commands and stuff - its like a foreign language. I had a look at those links above but my attempts to use IRC so far have been largely unsuccessful.

    Any tips, besides just keep trying at it?

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    it's an xdcc crawler

    with this command you can request a pack:
    /ctcp <botname> xdcc send #<packetnumber> or
    /msg <botname> xdcc send #<packetnumber>

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