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Thread: Burned Mp3 Cd Sound?

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    I have to many errors in my cd burns... yes, my cdrom plays them nice but in a cd player there are too many errors..... what are the good simple ffree sofware to rectify this situation.. or is there such a thing?

    i tried looking at ALCOHOL and EAC but they seem to be for copying cds, not for burning p2p mp3. my burner uses easy cd creator.. someone mentioned that it might be this software that is the problem of sound

    i have read that cd players pick up on errors more readily, ie, c1 and c2 error blah blah
    PLEASE some good sugestions , thank you

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    get Nero

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    I convert the mp3s with mp3 2 wav converter plus and burn with CDRWIN 5.0.. i like it, never get skips or anything.

    What kind of burner do you have?
    that might be the problem.
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    definitely use nero. it is the best

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    i have a lg burner 40x12x40

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    For Music? Easy CD/DVD Creator 6.

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    try burning at a lower speed


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