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Thread: Video Projectors

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    I was teaching in a Hospital the other day and one of the students brought in a video projector which he hooked up to his mac so we could watch Matrix reloaded. The picture was great, far better than anything I had seen a projector produce a few years ago. He said it had cost him around 2,000 dollars.

    Anyways, it has got me thinking about saving up and splashing out as home projectors now seem a reasonable and practical option. Does anyone have one of these babies? Any suggestions as to pit falls before you buy?

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    yeah video projectors are pretty awsome but the only problem really is the price and that the bulbs die out like every 3 months (if used for full on) and the bulbs are over AU$200 (ive seen some over 500).

    If you are going to buy one make sure it has vga inputs to so you can hook up your pc

    I would love to get one but a bit to expensive for me. I will try make one though

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    If you get one, make sure it has digital keystone adjustment. That's the bit where you can adjust the ratio of the top to the bottom when the projector is at an angle. Also, go for as many 'lumens' as you can afford, saves dimming the room too much to see the picture.
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    this is my idea..
    get a projecter
    find a big wall on a buildin or something thats huge
    i think theres a prog/hardware u can get to broadcast on AM radio
    project movies for people
    if its a good night then let people lay around and watch

    but thats prob all illegal and dumb

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    Build your own projector. I doing it.

    Visit here to see


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