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Thread: Re: Dvd Conversion

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    Hey filesharin family, can DVD's be converted or copied just using a cd-rewritable drive? Or do you have to have at least a DVD-Rom? Thanks to all who can help.

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    Ahhhh.......... the famous question. Yes you can burn a DVD movie with a CD writer drive but only with a blank CD NOT a blank DVD. You need to burn it to VCD or SVCD depending on what your DVD player can support. Go to and look around in there. If you need to know the exact place on the website or can't find it, just ask.

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    Okay, thanks. I had looked at that website but didnt see if I needed a DVD-Rom on my computer. Thanks again

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    if you wanna copy a dvd to cd using replicant or whatever prog u must have a dvd drive and a cdrw drive, a normal cdrom drive or cdrw drive will not see a dvd. you can use a dvd rom drive to play cd's etc tho and you can use a dvd/cdrw combination drive to copy dvd's but they have to be stored in the hardrive first. hope this answers ya question

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    DVD-ROM drives use a different wave-length of laser to read the disc media. Therefore it is necessary to have a DVD-ROM drive installed. And the faster the DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive, the better. And, in this scenario, you really do not need to have two seperate drives. I would rip the DVD-V with DVD Decrypter or SmartRipper and then convert to MPEG-4 with FlasK MPEG. But the downside is that the result is not playable in a standard DVD-V player, so if you want to do so, you would have to convert to MPEG-1/2 (VCD/S-VCD) before you burn to CD-R/RW.

    But the conversion process requires a lot of CPU power and can take hours to do. I wouldn't do it with a machine less than a Pentium 4 1.8GHz. Don't forget, you will need several GigaBytes of HDD space, when I ripped a two-disc DVD-V it took up 24GB.

    If you want to get a perfect-copy, get yourself a DVD+/-R/RW drive and once CloneDVD has finished, then just make a 1:1 duplicate of a DVD-V like you would with a CD with CloneCD.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hey guys, thanks for all your great responses. I appreciate the info and suggestions I think i'll purchase a dvd- rom, I have already been making VCD's that work in my DVD player. Thanks again, now thats what I call sharin! Not just files, but information too! Peace! B)


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