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Thread: Speed- Gimme What I Need

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    i need the fastest p2p file sharer out there. Im not lookin for kiddy stuff here. I have 1.5 mb connection and would like to put it to it's full potential. Any program with speed like three hundred kbs? I know it depends on num. of people- but work with me here!

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    direct connect by far. Hope you have a big share folder as well as your fast connection

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    you cant really drfine speed it varys it depends really on the oppsoing persons speed

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    measuring by pottential.. systems like soulseek and dirrect connect are the best.. but if you want easiest and fast.. go with kazaa.
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    You will never reach the full potential of your 1.5Mb connection by using p2p.

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    i have a 7.6Mb connection and i guarentee u that i neva reach its full happy to stay wif kazaa,i occassionaly use bittorent and winmx for movies..cant say ive tried direct connect so cant give u any feedback on that topic sorry


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