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Thread: T3 Rise Of The Machines

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    anybody willin to jump in and help
    I downloaded t3 rise of the machines, but it only plays the first 5seconds? I ran it through g-spot and have all the right codecs but in the top left under stat it says bad chunk in frame data(bad length value) and when i do the rendering it gives rendering failed- DirectShow was unable to render the file following is the error reported - 0x80040111(unknown error)
    Did i waste my time downloading it?

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    You could try KCF. What happenif you attempt to jump forward after it starts.
    Also this most likley should be in Movie World.

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    Try using PowerDVD for that movie from . It helped me.

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    Thank you Explosive, tried PowerDVD but no luck so far... now a silly question..
    should it be converted from this ->> [TMD]T3 rise of machines.(SMF).WP.(2of2).avi to some other file type to play on PowerDVD.

    Reality...cant jump forward at all, preview with avi only plays 5 seconds and then grinds to a halt, can jump forward at all. I posted this in Movie World a week ago but had no replies and forgive my ignorance or momentarily moment of blondness but the only KFC that comes to mind at the moment is the chicken variety? Care to enlighten me? please?

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    KCF, KaZaa Corruption Fixer at...

    Also did you try VideoLAN by any chance.

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    Reality, you are absolute honey! thank you i will go and read up and try that now, i didnt try VideoLan, tried playing it in Kazaa theatre, avi, PowerDVD, DIVX and BS Player and also just for incase made a new file with TEMPGenc.... thanx again

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    No Problem. Note, never use Theater for an avi, the worst.


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