Well, here's two little game i played yesterday (5 minute each)

They arn't graphically INSANE, but each single pixel you see, and each single effect / thing that happens is on purpose. Some of you might think this is dumb, some others with a more "philosophical" and open mind will LOVE it like i did. This game was not made to be pretty. There is pretty much no way to win and the controls are just arrow keys, and the second one, space to jump.

The main idea behind these games is to be meaning full. It like a lesson for life.

Before you start, just wanted to say, this game is kind of related to the life of the guy who made it, so try thinking that these stuff might of happened to him. Also the little girl with blond hair is actually his son with long blond hair "Mez.

The first one, Passage, is like walking through your life, i played it 5-6 times to fully understand everything, but I'm still sure i missed alot.

The second one is the story of him and his son, this one was a bit more sad, alot of meanings too.

Anyways, I'm gonna post things I understood from these games, but you guys too, let's see who has the most "creative" mind.