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Thread: Some questions and tip searching for OVH seedbox

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    Hi, i have a OVH seedbox 100/100mbit with windows 2003
    i was wondernig if anyone had some tips on getting good upload speed with one of these. I have had many other seedboxes before, so i know the basic usage and what kind of torrents to use, and i have never seen such poor results,even my leeware box back in the day worked better.
    half the time i get OK speeds, totalling around 500kps-1.3 but the other half
    i get speeds between 30-100kps, which i can top with my regular home connection. So if anyone has experience with one of this and has any tips for me i would be glad to hear them.
    Also on a different subject i was wondering how what exaclty i need to do to set up FTP axx?

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    Best tip would be to reinstall the OS to Fedora/Ubuntu linux. You probably got a 256MB box, and 256MB and windows server 2003 is a bad idea. Your OS is probably busy constantly swapping memory to disk killing your I/O.

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    Best tip stay away from ovh..seems some people r luckier than others.
    me and u were 1 of the unlucky 1s.:-)


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