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Thread: About Ps2 Emulator And Roms

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    i was wonderin if the PS2 emulators and roms are real or jus sum files that are renamed? i ask this question because no one i know has PS2 emulators or roms.

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    emulaters are old school, only a hand full work, i dont like em my self, they are used for devolpers to test there games on pc...not for commerical games.....

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    If you're after a playstation emulator I can recomend ePSXe. Setup is tricky as 3rd party drivers are required. You need a 1.6ghz processor with 128mb RAM & a GF3ti (or similar).

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    there are no ps2 emulators

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    dont listin to that n00b, unless ur gonan design a ps2 game and test it



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