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Thread: Torrentleech hacked?

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    Well I've been on the site daily lately. And was actually on earlier today. Well about 20 minutes ago I went to log in and noticed the login process changed., whats with that? So I entered my info and clicked that I am a human. Then I noticed my email address was changed. So I changed it back. Got the confirmation email. Now when I go back to log in I'm banned. What gives I was upping over 100gigs with a 1.014 ratio. I have face and everything. My username is WhiteVision. Anyone else have this problem?

    Any info advice or help would be greatly appreciated. I miss my favorite tracker already.
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    I don't know, my acc is performing normally. I would jump on their irc and see what happened.

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    Hi polorsport, me too i noticed this very strange confirmation stuff. As a cautious measure i didn't log in until i am really sure what this is about...Looks fishy though...mayb TL was hacked or something. Can any1 confirm plz?

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    I'm on the irc chat now. Thanks for the tip. I'll update as soon as I find out whats going on.

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    i didn't try to loging, becuase it already was, but it doe not looked hacked from the inside

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    A while back, there was an announcement or a mass pm suggesting password changes. So anyone who hasn't changed on TL in a while.. its probably a good idea.

    gl man

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    Alls well for me...cookied in though, not brave enuff to logoff..
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    lol that is great!!

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    Doesn't see to be any mods on the irc channel. But looks like two other users have had the same problem. I thought I met the required password needs by adding a unique symbol to my password. But maybe not.

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    I've had no problems.

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