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Thread: PussyTorrents Competition

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    Imagine that you video tape your sexual partner...Nice huh..?Imagine now,if you could upload it to PussyTorrents and be the net porn star you always wanted...Awesome?Now,add to this 1,000e(YES,ONE THOUSAND EUROS ^__^)as a prize,if your video gets the most downloads among the other users who willdo the same!!!What you said??No fucking way??Well,you better believe it cause....ITS TRUE!!!! w0000t!!!

    From today,till end of month,the PERSONAL video upped by one of our users,with the most COMPLETE downloads,will be rewarded with 1,000e!!!Lets go straight to the rules now,shall we? ^__^

    1.VERY IMPORTANT: You and your parter MUST be 18+.Underage is not allowed in any case
    2.You MUST have somewhere visible BOTH your username and the PussyTorrents tag in the movie.We dont care where,write it in the chicks butt,n your willy,draw it on one A4 paper and show it.It HAS to be there,otherwise it will be considered cancelled and removed.Also,you must call the movie within the movie(for example,you should say: This is user xxxxx,for PussyTorrents contest").That way we'll know that they are unique and not stolen.NOT DOING THIS WILL REMOVE YOUR VIDEO FROM THE CONTEST!!
    3.There is no time limit in the movie.However,it should be within logical running times.For example,one movie like 2 mins its way too short,while 2h it could be considered way too big...An average between 20~35 mins shall be ok.Dont forget,the more the complete downloads,the biggest the chance to get the prize!
    4.The movie must be in avi/xvid format and ONLY,and in a format like [username] {yourmoviename}-PussyTorrents(for example [xxxx] Suzy likes it deep-PussyTorrents.avi).NO RARS,no texts uploaded with it.Only the movie,in this format.
    5.Dont overdo it in compression !A size around 150~300 MB is considered super-cool
    6.Make sure you post some screenshots in your upload!
    7.You should contact ****** in order to apply for the competition,and get a temporarily upload privilege to upload your movie.You should have somewhere upped screenshots of your movie,in order to gain your privilege.After the movie is upped,your uploading status will be removed 8.The competition will end 31rst of March!End of that day,the winner will be announced and will be informed by pm.The prize will be transfered via wire tranfer to the bank account of the winner,so we comply with ultimate compatibility It doesnt matter if you will be in Africa or USA,you will get the prize no matter what!(proof will be posted in the forum as well with screenshot)

    You can discuss about this here!

    Have fun and start filming!!!


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    this has got to be the greatest contest ever at a torrentsite !!
    can't lose this one !

    the supertorrents one was cool too !

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    Now that's what you call a tight knit community!

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    you must be desperate to tape ur girfriend with ur nick on her butt and put avaible to the whole world becouse 1k euros

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    thats hilarious

    Quote Originally Posted by Aerozin View Post
    you must be desperate to tape ur girfriend with ur nick on her butt and put avaible to the whole world becouse 1k euros
    hey, notice they brought up Africa. IN Africa they would do a GUY lol
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    I really think I could totally win this, but my girl would never do it. :/

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    That is hilarious, it will be interesting to see how many entries there are.
    I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying.

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    The weirdest competition ever!!!That'll be like publishing your linen in public...!!
    I wonder how many idiots will apply for such contest.

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    I bet this will get their registration way up.

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    Instant porn star; what is wrong with that. I would joint if I have the right tool size....


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