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Thread: Looking for new torrent sites

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    Im currently on and am looking for trying out new torrent site. If anyone is intrested i have 9 invites for But overall im looking for new sites to try out. Here is a link to my speed test and my ratio.

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    You should try some sites with open signups right now. Check this thread or just look around and grab some free invites from a giveaway in this section. I recommend if you're starting out try to get an invite to Torrent-Damage or one of the Level 1s or Level 2 trackers. There have been a lot of TTi and RevTT invites given away and both are very good trackers. I certainly didn't get one when I started out. Best of Luck.

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    tOOrent wOrld
    u can check my thread and if u want any thing ( take it for free )

    Dont PM me for invites
    Just make a request and I will see it

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    this site is fairly new but looks very promising
    the torrents there are really fast i get 8mB/s!

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    i can give u td if u want pm me ur mail


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