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Thread: Laptop

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    here i found this cheap laptop:Laptop no1

    but i found this with near the same spec but has an dvd rw at Evesham :
    laptop no 2

    which one do you think is better and the one you go for?
    please post any sites which you have found cheaper with that spec
    many thanks monkeyhead

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    not sure which is better, but just to say i know more than one person who has used novatech and they are usually very good

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    If you really want the dvd-rw, I would say go for the Evesham option, you are unlikely to get a drive for the novatech for the difference in price. You would probably have to go for something like the Freecom external drive which is almost 100 more.

    Evesham have been around for a while, as far as I know they are a pretty reliable company, if not always the cheapest.

    If you don't ned the dvd-rw though, go for the novatech.
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    you can get pretty cheap compaw laptops from and they come with a legit os,


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