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Thread: A Seriously Baffling Question For Me

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    hi there... suppose i have a game, lets say splinter cell.... you all know that there is cd 1 2 and 3 for it on kazaa....

    i have all three files now and u know the game installation spans over 3 cd's.... so if i were to install the game from the hard drive using daemon tools to load the bin file then wouldn't the first cd file still say insert the 2nd cd because you do not have anything in your cd drive..... its all on the hard disk....

    please help me on this,

    i would be really grateful.....

    thanks a lot...

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    Just Press CTl-alt- delete. So you can mount the second disk to deamon tools. or set the number of drivers to three and mount all three. You can unomunt ths disk when it asks for the next one.

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    Um, i have always installed directly from my hard drive, without anything. I just uniso the files into a folder llike "disk 1" and then open the setup. Never had daemon tools or anything. With games like vice city and enter the matrix, it never asked me to find the cd, it just did one complete install. After i added a no cd crack, no problem. If this is just my pc, then luck me, otherwise i hope this helps.


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