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Thread: Network Cables

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    if u get a network plug (RJ45), look at it with the metal contacts facing you and the wire comin out the bottom, do the numbers go left to right or right to left?

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    Left to right:

    1...... 8

    | |||||||| |

    That's as near as I can get with line drawing.

    The 'active' pairs are 1&8, and 4&5
    The 'inactive' pairs are 2&3, and 6&7

    If you want to make a crossover cable you should swap 1&8 with 4&5. In theory you should also swap 2&3 with 6&7, as some cards use those pairs for em crosstalk detection.

    As you can see, they use the outer two pins and the middle two pins, so it doesn't really matter which you count as 1.
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    thanx. i kno about crossover nd straight, just wasnt sure if the pins went left-right or right-left


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