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Thread: EPL Player of the year

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    Fake Ronaldo.

    You know the chap. Dives all the time, cheats to get fouls, got his manutd team-mate sent of in the World Cup, deliberately and winked to his bench after doing it. Got Engerland knocked out of the tournament.

    He's winning the player of the year in England this year. Possible for top player in Europe as well the way he's going.

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    Alan Shearer.

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    Quality post.

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    30 goals in 30 games. It has to be fake-ronaldo.

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    brasilian soccer players > soccer players

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aerozin View Post
    brasilian soccer players > soccer players
    The dumb kid's got a point.
    "there is nothing misogynistic about anything, stop trippin.
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