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Thread: Jedi Academy

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    I let my computer run all night using auto search more and I turned up no copies of Jedi Academy. If anyone has the most common distribution, can they put the hash here please?

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    I don't have tha kazaa hash, but it's available off bittorent (prttey good speeds too)

    here are the torrent files (from

    edit2: sorry the links don't work due to some caracters in the filename "[]" so just go to and go to the games section...

    Note that this is a pre-release version, so expect a few bugs....even tho I haven't encouterd any problems as of yet

    great game btw

    edit: the http:// link thig dosen't seem to be working

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    Iv bin on torrent and downloaded the game but how do you run the downloaded file?


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