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Thread: Newsgroups & File sharing

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    Was wondering with all the plans to cut down on file sharers in the UK by the ISP's,how will this affect the Newsgroups as technically you dont file share with Newsgroups yet 9/10 we probably download content that is illegal.

    Was just wondering if anybody had any views on this & apologise if this subject has been covered.

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    i think it gonna b a very very hard job for ISP's to stop pirates in UK, no matter newsgroups or BT users ,
    dont worry they not gonna catch u very soon , hence u can do some precautionary measures i.e use peerguardian while using BT , and in newsgroups u access anonymously so i guess it ll b ok , but m nt a newsgroup specialist

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    They will hit p2p first if they hit. The truth is that if an ISP limits suspected pirates then they will have no customers! So it will be slow drag of feet they will comply but you got to get caught first.
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